Deja Vu – Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island two years later

After a barely tolerable overnight stay at Cape Bowling Green, we departed early for Magnetic Island.  Eli and Amelie were up early as usual, so we decided the boat would probably be more comfortable sailing along rather than rocking at anchor.  We sailed at 8-9 knots north west across the bay passing offshore from the A.I.M.S. site at Cape Ferguson.  Once we rounded Cape Cleveland, Eli was very excited that we could finally see Townsville (feature photo above).  We had to tell him we weren’t going there yet as we were going to Magnetic Island for him to play on some more sandy beaches.  We sailed into Horseshoe Bay and after a little trouble furling the screecher because the line jammed, we anchored in one of the calmest anchorages between Townsville and Brisbane.  Amelie was born 12 weeks ago yesterday, and interestingly, the last time we were anchored in Horseshoe Bay was two years ago (23-June-2013) aboard “Ever After” when Eli was exactly 12 weeks old.

Eli just loves going to shore in the dinghy,  so after some lunch it was off to the beach to play in the sand and water again.  We noticed another Lightwave 38, “Salacia” sitting on the sand at low tide, so Eli and Geoff went to see the “Spy Panda” that wasn’t Spy Panda. They were drying out on the sand to redo the anti-foul paint after 12 months.  Back to Spy Panda before sunset, Eli was very happy to have a hosey bath (deck shower) before a Dinner of Hotsy Dotsy Sausage Pasta and bed.  We are rather tired after some consecutive long days sailing up from the Whitsundays (and Naomi also waking at 5:30 am to feed Amelie), so we had an easy Bacon and Eggs for Dinner.  We now get to enjoy a few days rest and relaxation at Magnetic Island before we head into the Breakwater Marina some time next week (pretty much whenever we run out of water, but we’ve still got ~380 L out of the 500 L we carried from the Whitsundays).


Naomi keeping watch while Eli ties tricky knots


Eli racing off to look at Spy Panda that’s not “Spy Panda”.


2 years ago! – Eli was 12 weeks old aboard “Ever After”

Posted from Horseshoe Bay, Queensland, Australia.

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