Eli meets Fraser Island

Well, we looked forward to a calm evening last night.  Of course, it didn’t mean we were going to get one as the weather rarely does exactly what is predicted.  The wind went back to the South West to give us some beam on seas with the incoming tide.  Anyway, after a restless night we had a very calm day at anchorage today and a shore party of Geoff, Rod and Eli took off to shore in the dinghy (Little Panda) to set foot on Fraser Island while all three ladies stayed aboard.  Eli had a great time playing in the waves and the sand with his new bucket and scoop.  This being his first experience with waves (aside from the Wide Bay Bar) it was quite the adventure for him.  Tomorrow we sail for Bundaberg which should be a nice downwind sail with our screecher.


Spy Panda as seen from the top of the sand cliffs


Eli and his first experience with waves



Eli was very happy after his warm cockpit shower

Posted from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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