Lightwave 38 – Furniture modules getting installed

During our last visit to the Lightwave Factory, the main hull was complete and many of the bulkheads and furniture modules have been installed.  The next stage of the build process will be the fibreglass layup of the deck.  This is no small feat and will take a few weeks just to complete the deck.  It has taken us a few weeks to get around to this update, so it is only next week that we will be visiting the factory again.

This is a view of what will be our galley (kitchen) down in the starboard hull.  The rear bulkhead visible in the foreground is in the aft cabin.

Starboard Hull Galley

Looking forward down into the port side hull, this is the bench where the Kawai MP11 Digital Piano will be installed.

Port-side hull Piano bench
Naomi and Eli in the Galley.

The Entertainment setting.  We’re buying our first TV in 11 years and it will go here.

Entertainment setting (looking down into the starboard hull)

Looking into the Port side forward cabin, with the steps on the right leading up to the Queen size bed.

Port-side forward cabin
Naomi and Eli standing in the Saloon (Living area).