Main Hull Fibreglassed

Just a brief update on the build progress of our catamaran.  The main hull is now fibreglassed and awaiting the bulkheads & hull-sides to be fitted in early next year.

The hull and deck of the catamaran are of foam-core, fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) construction to make a very light, yet very strong monocoque hull.

Main Hull looking aft (toward the back).
Main Hull and Starboard Hull-side – From the bow (front).
Main Hull looking across the rear.  The starboard engine will end up installed in the hull about here.

Our Lightwave 38 has started construction.

Our new home, a Lightwave 38 Sailing Catamaran has started construction on the Gold Coast.  We were able to visit the Lightwave factory recently and see the very early stages of the hull construction.  We will next get to see it in late January, by which time the hulls will be finished, bulkheads installed and furniture mouldings starting to be installed.  Our Lightwave will be finished and launching around the middle of 2014.

This is an article I wrote for Multihull World earlier this year which describes a little more about what led us to buying a Lightwave.

Multihull_thumb MultihullWorld Article


Eli also got his first experience aboard a Lightwave at the Sanctuary Cove Boatshow earlier this year. 
Starboard Hull side
Eli, Geoff and Naomi with the main bridgedeck mould
Main bridgedeck mould (Starboard side)
Main bridgedeck mould
View of main  mould from the astern.